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HCF Slot Request Form

The Homeless Campership Fund (HCF), a program of the Summer Fund, affords homeless children with an opportunity to experience camp and participate in fun, safe, enriching activities during the summer. A camp experience for a family and child experiencing homelessness or housing instability has huge impact. It reduces stress for parents who are looking for housing and employment while providing their children with a stable, supportive and safe summer experience.


1 Slot = 1 Week of camp for 1 child (ages 6-18)
- You are allowed to use multiple slots for the same child (for example, 1 child attending 4 weeks of camp = 4 slots)
- Youth must be homeless or their family must be experiencing housing instability 
- Max camp reimbursement rate for 1 week of day camp is $165
- Max camp reimbursement rate for 1 week of overnight camp is $495

If you have any questions regarding this request form, please contact Sean Higgins at 617-426-2606 x114 or shiggins@agmconnect.org.

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Organization Information
Organization Address
Executive Director
HCF Contact
We understand that maintaining accurate demographic information for populations experiencing homelessness and housing transition is difficult. We ask that you provide a qualitative description of the population that you serve and include any quantitative data points that are available to your organization surrounding demographics.
HCF Slot Request
REMINDER: A slot is equivalent to one week of camp for a given youth. Therefore, if your organization is hoping to place a youth in a 3 week session, you will need to request 3 slots for that given youth.
Camp Survey
The following questions apply only to camp partners. Shelters may skip this section.
Orientation Registration
The Summer Fund will be conducting a mandatory orientation on May 23rd from 2:00pm to 3:30pm. If your organization is allocated slots this year, a representative MUST attend this orientation (preferably the person that will be overseeing slot management). Please provide the registrant's contact information below.

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