Membership Benefits

Connect with over 1800 individuals at 450 Foundations and 625 Nonprofit Partners in Massachusetts and New Hampshire, and tap into Philanthropy MA’s national network of United Philanthropy Forum (formerly The Forum of Regional Associations of Grantmakers) with thousands of Grantmaker members throughout the U.S. Benefits include FREE access to events and services!

Your foundation may also be a member of national associations and affinity groups, but belonging to a regional association provides greater collaboration and strength in the philanthropic sector and our communities. 

Learning Opportunities
AGM provides educational briefings throughout the year presented by thought-leaders and content experts on sub-sector issues. Programs include

  • Roundtables, panel discussions, teleconferences and webinars for Family, Community, Corporate and Private Foundations
  • Best practice sessions and trainings for staff
  • Issue based panels and discussion
    Sample Programs: Massachusetts’ Model for Social Impact Financing; Tax Reform; Capitalization and the Community; How to Read Grantee Financials.

AGM serves as a valuable connector for funders to convene around shared interests, learn from each other, uncover new information, and develop partnerships and collaboration. We bring grantmakers and experts together around topics, by region, by role at your organization, and by connecting you to funder collaboratives and affinity groups in philanthropy, locally, regionally and nationally.  Sample Programs:

  • Disability Funders group
  • CEO Roundtable
  • Community Foundations Roundtables
  • Social Justice Funders
  • Grantmakers of Color convenings
  • Regional meetings including MetroWest, Western MA Funders group; New Hampshire, and support for the Cape Cod funders and Southeastern MA eetings

Resources and Research
AGM extends your capacity by providing access to resources, research, news and information enabling you to be more effective and informed in your grantmaking. Resources include:

Voice for the Sector
AGM plays an important role for the philanthropic sector by serving as a strong voice and advocate with media and representatives at the local, city and state level. In addition, Philanthropy MA publicizes your news, updates, events and activities, and connects you to trends, reports and news in philanthropy via and our bi-weekly Member InfoNet e-newsletter.

Support for Nonprofit Organizations
Over 625 organizations are enrolled in Philanthropy MA’s Nonprofit Partners Program and hundreds more take part in our Meet the Donors series, attend technical assistance and capacity building workshops, and access our databases and research assistance on fund development.

Discounts and Other Benefits
AGM Members also receive discounts and access to these services, thanks to Philanthropy MA’s membership with the United Philanthropy Forum. Click here for more information on these benefits.

  • Alliance Magazine - leading magazine for philanthropy and social investment worldwide providing news and analysis of what’s happening in the sector
  • Bromelkamp Company – discounts available for Software for Grantmakers
  • D&O Insurance - United Philanthropy Forum-endorsed Directors & Officers Insurance program
  • Exponent Philanthropy - resources and programs available to complement your existing resources
  • The Foundation Review
  • Guest Membership Program- RA "guest membership" to trustees of grantmaking institutions that are members of one regional association but who live in an area served by a different regional association.
  • Guidestar - discount on popular products including GuideStar Premium and Pro, Financial SCAN, GuideStar Nonprofit Compensation Report and GuideStar Charity Check.
  • Quovo- a web dashboard that aggregates investment accounts
  • ReadyTalk- Low cost audio and web conferencing
  • 15% discount on TSNE Workshop Series
  • Stanford Social Innovation Review- Subscription discount for members; free for Philanthropy MA Circle of Champion Members

Organizations with grant making and advising as their primary focus of activity, which are accessible to the public and open to a reasonable range of nonprofits, are eligible for membership, including the following:

  • Bank charitable trust departments
  • Community foundations
  • Corporate foundations and giving programs
  • Governmental funding agencies
  • Philanthropic research centers
  • Operating foundations
  • Philanthropic advisory services
  • Private, independent and family foundations
  • Public foundations.
  • Wealth Management companies

Annual membership support covers the calendar year, may be provided in the form of a grant, and is based on grants made annually in Massachusetts and New Hampshire. 

General – Basic membership for grant making foundations and corporate giving programs. 

Circle of Champions – Members willing to lead as supporters of the philanthropic field and provide additional support for Philanthropy MA operations. (Membership dues only cover 60% of Philanthropy MA’s operating budget.)  Additional benefits include subscriptions to the Stanford Social Innovation Review and The Nonprofit Quarterly.

Associate – You must meet the following eligibility requirements:

  • Emerging or new foundations in pre-grant making status
  • Philanthropic advisory services
  • Foundations with primary offices located in states outside Massachusetts and New Hampshire that are members of the regional association in the state or region where they are based.

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To discuss how Grantmaker, Foundation and Philanthropic Advisor membership might best fit your grant making organization, please contact Philanthropy MA CEO Jeff Poulos at 617.426.2606 x113 or by email.

Download the Membership Support Schedule which outlines fees for membership and a Membership Form to join.

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