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Share news about your grant making initiatives! AGM Grant Making Members are working on a variety of diverse causes including education, environment, healthcare and immigration (to name just a few). We want to promote your efforts and best practices. Help us spread your good works, event announcements and news items by emailing Gail Pinkham.
December 20th, 2016
Source: The Nonprofit Quarterly
The National Center for Responsive Philanthropy (NCRP) has released a 21-page report titled “Pennies for Progress: A Decade of Boom for Philanthropy, A Bust for Social Justice.” As the title states, NCRP believes that nonprofit foundations have shirked their responsibility to attend to the... More »
December 15th, 2016
It’s shaping up to be a very happy holiday for many charities this year. Giving has been on the rise in the U.S. over the past four years and is surging to new heights in the final months of 2016. Donations have increased 3.5% since 2015, according to financial company Blackbaud BLKB, +0.02% which... More »
December 5th, 2016
In response to the fire in the York and Berkshire streets community over the weekend, the Cambridge Community Foundation announced a gift of financial support - and an invitation to others to join us in helping families devastated by this terrible event.  More »
November 17th, 2016
Source: AGM Blog
Life. Risk. Monopoly. Which path do I take for a "better" (aka, more financially lucrative) future? How can I mastermind global domination? Can I force my opponent into bankruptcy? Yikes. Kind of a harsh approach to game play. Where is the childhood game that is centered on building a more just... More »
November 16th, 2016
Source: Minority rights
As FSG moves forward along with the rest of the world into our new reality in the U.S., we wanted to share some reflections with our valued network of partners and clients.  More »
November 10th, 2016
Source: The Chronicle of Philanthropy
No matter whether your candidate won or lost the race for president on Tuesday, philanthropy was dealt a serious blow during the 2016 election race. Never in our history have the roles of two candidates’ giving records and foundations been so prominently in the spotlight, as reporters uncovered... More »
November 7th, 2016
Source: The New York Times
Mr. Adam, a 24-year-old Peace Corps volunteer at the time, noticed that a woman canvassing riders for donations to help her ailing son was having unusual success where others came up empty. The reason, he quickly realized, was in the woman’s hand: a copy of her son’s medical record that vivified... More »
November 2nd, 2016
Nonprofits are a cornerstone of American democracy. They reflect the political diversity of the American people. That diversity is well illustrated by two institutions currently in the news: the Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton Foundation and the Donald J. Trump Foundation. More »


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