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Share news about your grant making initiatives! AGM Grant Making Members are working on a variety of diverse causes including education, environment, healthcare and immigration (to name just a few). We want to promote your efforts and best practices. Help us spread your good works, event announcements and news items by emailing Gail Pinkham.
March 26th, 2018
Source: Nonprofit AF
An exasperated colleague in an ED group I belong to quoted a rejection letter she got from a foundation: “The Foundation Board appreciates that the XYZ program requires staff in order to function; however, the Foundation’s preference is to provide funding toward equipment or other non-salary... More »
March 19th, 2018
Source: The Center for Effective Philanthropy
Philanthropy invests billions of dollars into charitable causes each year. According to Foundation Center, foundations gave an estimated $59.28 billion in 2016. That’s a tremendous amount of capital. For better or worse, the field of philanthropy is a leader in determining what’s important and how... More »
March 14th, 2018
Source: Fast Company
In 2017, the inauguration of Donald Trump sparked an unprecedented rise in charitable donations as people concerned about the new administration’s stance on everything from women’s health to social justice, civil liberties, and immigration began giving heavily to nonprofits supporting those causes. More »
March 7th, 2018
Source: CEP Blog
Transparency — being open, honest, and clear — is a key driver of strong relationships between funders and grantees. More »
March 4th, 2018
Source: AGM Blog
AGM's office will be closed Monday, March 5, 2018 due to New England Philanthropic Service Organzations' Staff Retreat. The office will re-open on Tuesday. Thank you.  More »
February 28th, 2018
Source: eWeek
That’s exactly what it announced Feb. 27. Salesforce.org, the philanthropic arm of Salesforce, and United Way Worldwide revealed their partnership to launch Philanthropy Cloud, which Salesforce described as a first-of-its-kind enterprise app to help companies engage their employees in giving back... More »
February 27th, 2018
Source: Exponent Philanthropy
Responding to dramatic changes in public policy in 2017, many foundation leaders have tailored their strategies and tactics in continued pursuit of their missions. Armed with clear focus, experience, and strong networks, these foundations are modeling good philanthropic practice that is worth... More »
February 13th, 2018
Source: AGM Blog
The decennial census is a nonpartisan exercise and a cornerstone of our democracy.  Every 10 years, the US Constitution requires that all residents, including non-citizens and undocumented immigrants, be counted through a nationwide census. Collecting accurate Census data is an essential part in... More »


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