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Nepal: Watch. Learn. Then Act

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April 28th, 2015
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External News Article
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Center for Disaster Philanthropy

News from Nepal the past two days about the devastating April 25th earthquake has been chilling: story after story report rapidly changing death tolls, contain scary accounts of power outages and are filled images of indiscernible structures covered in dust. The city of Kathmandu and its surroundings are changed forever.
On the United Nation’s Human Development Index, which measures a country’s development status, Nepal is ranked “low” – 145th out of 187 countries and territories – a figure that reflects the country’s low life expectancy, low mean years of schooling, and relatively low amount of Gross National Income and associated Purchasing Power Parity. International aid, from both bi- and multilateral agencies has supported development efforts to improve these three indicators for decades. The quake that occurred at midday on Saturday in Kathmandu, literally and figuratively shook the ground of these development efforts.

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