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Remembering September 11, by Nancy Gardiner

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September 11th, 2014
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Hemenway & Barnes
Today is September 11 and, like many Americans, I will be thinking about the day in 2001 that changed our country forever.  Yesterday, anticipating the anniversary, I was struck by how crisp the clouds were and how bright the sun.  The air had a bit of the feel of fall, just as it did thirteen years ago.  While the memories of that fateful day remain etched in our collective memories, we have moved on in important ways.  For several years, people were reluctant to plan events or meetings on 9/11.  We certainly didn’t plan celebrations on that day.  We didn’t plan anything other than getting through the day.  With the passage of time, we seem more comfortable treating 9/11 as a more typical day.  It must have been like this for “the Greatest Generation” after Pearl Harbor.  That said, 9/11 is not a normal day in any sense of the word. - See more at: http://hembar.com/blog/rememberingseptember11/#sthash.cA7bvk8x.dpuf
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