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What's Next for D5?

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March 1st, 2016
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AGM Blog Post

As many people know, D5 has been a 5-year initiative to advance diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) in philanthropy. As we approach the end of our fifth year, many people are asking, “What’s next?”

Last year, D5 had the opportunity to meet with a group of AGM members to engage D5’s strategic communications work.  The conversation was a spirited discussion about how to strategically advance DEI in philanthropy in the Bay State.  Focused on the balance between expressive and persuasive communications, AGM members tackled the challenge of expanding the array of champions for this work while ensuring that important voices were heard. (http://www.d5coalition.org/tools/communication-tools/).  This was an important conversation for D5 and now, almost a year later, we’re turning back to you to ask, what more do AGM members need to deepen their work to advance DEI?

Over the last five years, D5 has contributed to the work of AGM and others in a range of ways:

  1. D5 has promoted a field-wide approach to DEI by serving as a neutral convener and connector—a “network weaver” that brings together funders and other stakeholders engaged in a similar mission as a way to mutually strengthen their work.
  2. D5 has facilitated the enrollment of a broader array of foundations and intermediaries in the movement to advance DEI by raising the profile of DEI in prominent field-level venues and by serving as a bridge and connector with a broad and inclusive voice.
  3. D5 has also contributed to the body of resources available to funders by commissioning and conducting original research and aggregating existing resources.
  4. D5 has worked with partners GuideStar and Green 2.0 to strengthen the sector’s capacity to collect, use, and share demographic data.

While we’re proud of these accomplishments, our focus has turned to how we’ll build on them together. D5 has built on the decades-long work of foundations, affinity groups and leaders, to respond to the evolving needs of the field but we are reminded daily of the work still in front of us to ensure philanthropic organizations live up to their collective goal of advancing the common good by fostering a more diverse, inclusive and equitable sector. That is why, at this juncture, we need to hear from you.

What would make a difference to you in your work? What does the field need to further its work to advance DEI—and how can that best be accomplished?  If you have thoughts, comments or ideas, please let me (Kelly.brown@d5coalition.org) or your colleagues at AGM know.  Working together, we can continue to strengthen our field’s capacity to advance the common good and be relevant and effective partners with our emerging and future communities.

 Kelly Brown is Director of the D5 Coalition, a five-year, effort to increase philanthropy’s diversity, equity and inclusiveness.




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