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Content Administrator, Exchange

American Public Television
Job Title: Content Administrator, Exchange
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March 18th, 2018
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The Content Administrator oversees all details of the programming process from submission to contract. This entails working closely with content suppliers (both public television presenting stations and independent producers), as well as with all APT departments to ensure the timely and efficient acquisition and distribution of programs. The Administrator maintains the Exchange program database, providing information to support departments on all facets of Exchange programming business. The Administrator supports the Director and Vice President with budgeting, correspondence, program information, and planning of system-wide program marketing.

Essential Functions:
Supervise the submission process for Exchange program offers:

  • Actively solicit program offers from stations on a regular basis
  • Monitor receipt of submissions for teleconferences/screenings
  • Process submission materials, evaluating entries
  • Take lead role with suppliers to ensure delivery of all materials and clear comprehension of APT rules/guidelines
  • Maintain program database and files for Exchange titles
  • Administer program offer process and negotiate timeline details with suppliers, including proposed delivery, release dates, and rights terms
  • Edit program marketing-related descriptions and materials

Oversee the program release process:

  • Create proposed satellite feed schedule and request satellite feed time; maintain both SD and HD transponder feed schedules
  • Create and administer preliminary contracts for offered programs; negotiate terms if supplier requires while representing APT’s interests
  • Coordinate intake, review, and approval process of program packaging elements; educate producers and suppliers in regard to APT guidelines on content of these elements
  • Work with program suppliers to negotiate or complete final points necessary to move forward with program contract
  • Liaise with contracts department during Program License Agreement phase

Provide administrative support to the Director and Vice President, Exchange:

  • Respond to phone calls as necessary
  • Meeting preparation
  • Budget preparation

Regular and dependable work attendance necessary.

Additional Responsibilities

  • Review, maintain, and update program intake-related forms and documents as needed
  • Provide regular Exchange informational and title-specific postings to public television system intranet
  • Plan and execute ongoing communications with program managers and presenting stations
  • Coordinate program re-feeds with suppliers, APT Contracts and Distribution Services departments
  • Provide Communications with scheduling grid for newsletter on a monthly basis; edit newsletter
  • Perform any related duties as assigned
  • Occasionally train staff
  • Assist other departments as needed

Education, Skills, Experience
The position requires excellent interpersonal, written, and verbal communications, and careful attention to detail. Familiarity with Microsoft and Lotus software applications a plus, but aptitude for learning software applications is more important. Bachelor’s degree; 3 years’ experience in public television programming or traffic preferred; ability to work independently or with a team on multiple projects is required.

Personal Characteristics
Candidate must be a self-starter and demonstrate experience in a multi-tasking environment and be able to work independently under established and self-prioritized deadlines. Aptitude to work in a detail-oriented environment with a strong focus on accuracy while balancing a high volume of work is a must. Comfortable in a small company environment. Participative work style.

APT is an equal opportunity employer. 

This job description is intended to be general and will evolve over time. The description is subject to periodic updating. At management's discretion, the employee may be assigned different or additional duties from time to time.

If interested, please send a resume and cover letter to HRContentAdmin@aptonline.org

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