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Director, Operations and Human Resources

The Rippel Foundation
Job Title: Director, Operations and Human Resources
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New Jersey
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March 29th, 2018
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The Director, Operations and Human Resources is a skilled strategic leader, thinker, collaborator, and active and pragmatic implementer who plays a major role across the organization in support of Rippel’s diverse and challenging nation-wide portfolio of programmatic work. This portfolio, composed of place-based, influence, and research and development projects, is designed to fundamentally transform how health and well-being are produced in the United States. Through its two primary initiatives, ReThink Health and Foresight: Designing the Future for Health, the goal is achieving dramatically improved health outcomes and lower health care costs, while also promoting greater health equity and economic productivity.

To achieve this, the Director, Operations and Human Resources helps shape and support the culture, processes, and procedures that that advance the organization and enable our team of 45 staff and contractors across the U.S. achieve our ambitious goals. The Director’s responsibilities include, but are not limited to, overseeing the legal, human resources, information technology, business process, and administrative systems for the Foundation. This includes supporting and mentoring key staff and teams and helping shape needed operational systems to increase our efficiency within the constraints of our current $8.6 million budget.

The Director, Operations and Human Resources reports directly to the President & CEO and supervises a small team of part-time staff members and contractors. The position involves both high-level decision-making and supervision; however, due to the small size of the organization, the Director will also be required to take a hands-on role. With a high degree of accountability and visibility within the organization, the Director must build the internal and external relationships and alliances that are critical to success. Responsibilities embrace both our office in Morristown, New Jersey and in Cambridge, Massachusetts offices, and support individuals working virtually from sites across the country. Specifically, the Director will help the Foundation achieve:

  • Greater operational efficiency
  • Consistent processes for project management and performance tracking
  • Effective human capital management and compensation planning
  • High impact staff and all team meetings, training, and support
  • Greater command and control of information and data to inform decisions
  • Greater centralization and efficiencies of legal operations
  • Technology excellence, security, and reliability
  • Strong and effective vendor and contractor selection and contracting processes
  • Strategic integration of all organizational elements
  • Consistent and effective implementation of key policies and practices

The Director, Operations and Human Resources serves as a key member of the Rippel Strategy and Management Team. In this capacity s/he helps set direction for the organization, assures the integrity of the mission, develops annual goals, frames the programmatic agenda, helps develop and monitor overall organizational and project budgets, and guides communications. S/he will periodically engage with the Board of Trustees, external partners, and influential peers and thought leaders at the national and regional levels. S/he advances the reputation and long-term sustainability of ReThink Health, Foresight, and other key initiatives in support of the interests of the Rippel Foundation. S/he skillfully and faithfully represents the Foundation and its initiatives to external stakeholders, working to advance these relationships as well as the knowledge base of the field.

The Rippel Foundation

The Rippel Foundation was created in 1953 under the will of a New Jersey banker Julius S. (J.S.) Rippel, designed to address what he and his wife, Fannie, deemed to be the most pressing health concerns of the day: cancer, heart disease, women, the elderly, and hospitals. J.S., however, was remarkably forward-thinking. He knew that the needs would change, and his will stipulated that the Foundation’s focus and approach must adapt alongside them.

The Rippel Foundation today is focused on the long-term goal of transforming our health ecosystem through a three-part strategy that encompasses:

  • Targeted research and development projects focused on creating the enabling conditions for change;
  • Partnerships with others, including collaboration with peer organizations and place-based work with regional coalitions across the county, that involve exploration, experimentation, deep engagement, and learning; and
  • A growing. Influence Strategy that works to shape the thinking and actions of key leaders and organizations.

We see the challenge as a system challenge, and the solution a system solution. In our place-based work, we acknowledge the power and importance of local culture and regional differences. As a result, our focus is on processes, lessons, and tools for local self-determination, not cookie-cutter solutions, as well as on the creation of the necessary conditions for regional change. In our research and development as well as our influence efforts, we are collaborating with our peer organizations and foundations, policy makers, corporations, and communities to develop and spread new answers to age-old problems.

We measure our impact by how our work shapes the thinking, actions, and successes of others. That’s why we have committed to such initiatives as ReThink Health and FORESIGHT: Designing the Future for Health. It is why we take a leadership role in the Convening of Catalysts and help shape the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine’s Population Health Roundtable and other national efforts. It’s why we have developed the ReThink Health System Dynamics Model, have articles published in Health Affairs, have an active communications strategy, and continue to invest in internal research and development efforts to learn more about engagement, sustainable financing, tax credits, high impact portfolios, complex negotiations, and more. And why, in FORESIGHT, we are partnering with and leading a collaborative effort of progressive philanthropy to deeply understand trends in health, technology, business, and more that are and will affect us and to generate bold new ideas for how sectors across the country and local communities can help shape a healthier and more sustainable future.

Importantly, we do not pursue these solely with our own funds. Grants from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, the California Health Care Foundation, the Nemours Foundation, and the Kresge Foundation as well as contracts with numerous organizations have contributed more than $8.5 million to Rippel's program activities over the last few years. These financial partnerships have become a core element of our programmatic and financial strategy and a way to expand our efforts and impact.

These commitments signal our dedication to accelerating transformation in the field as a whole–not only focusing on a region, issue, or disease. With changing populations, unpredictable employment patterns, the effects of technology and globalization, and more, the solutions of yesterday will not solve the problems of today and tomorrow. Over the last 10 years, the Rippel Foundation has grown from a four-person grant-making institution to employ a team today of 40 staff and contractors in a diverse portfolio of active initiatives with offices in Morristown, NJ and Cambridge, MA and team members across the county. We are in this for the long term because that is what it will take: through persistence and adaptation—virtues at the heart of this Foundation—we will meet today’s challenges head on.


  • Contribute to the successful leadership of Rippel, ReThink Health, and Foresight by working actively with the Strategy and Management Team to set strategic directions, advance enterprise goals, assure optimal use of financial and staff resources, and influence the broader field of health.
  • Monitor and assess operational, system, and process needs and develop, recommend and implement policies, systems, and practices to address organizational needs.  
  • Oversee and guide the legal team including assuring the development of contracts and efficient contracting processes, risk exposure and compliance, intellectual property, and more. 
  • Guide human resource efforts by developing and implementing an annual plan that addresses such issues as compensation strategy and planning, hiring, on-boarding, policies and manuals, review processes, coaching, training, and more. This includes the design and execution of staff and all team meetings, webinars, and retreats. This work is carried out in partnership with the Director, Finance and Administration and the VP, Programs to ensure coordination within budgetary and programmatic parameters.
  • Appropriately integrate/use contactors and consultants in a manner commensurate with a learning organization and high performing culture.
  • Work with staff to strengthen skills and operational processes including budgeting, contracting, project management, work flows, and more.
  • Design and oversee technology infrastructure and applications assuring reliability and security and enabling more effective and efficient work applications such as project management, contact management, communications, and more. This includes guiding and supporting the design and implementation of the Borealis CRM system to create an effective and efficient organizational information and relationship management tool.
  • Oversee office administration in both our Morristown, NJ and Cambridge, MA offices.
  • Supervise, mentor, and motivate staff within the department and serve as a mentor and role model for others in the organization.
  • Develop professional rapport with Rippel Board members, and serve the Board as requested.
  • Establish strong, trust-based relationships with staff at all levels of the organization, and external partners and stakeholders.
  • Communicate effectively both internally and externally to advance the influence goals of Rippel and contribute to improving overall communications.
  • Serve as a visible face of the Rippel Foundation to the broader world advancing the goals and reputation of both.
  • Monitor and evaluate the department’s effectiveness and correct actions for greater success.
  • Contribute to the smooth and efficient functioning of the Strategy and Management Team and help it align around more precise priorities and model effective leadership including:
    • Model effective communication
    • Excel in creating partnership and team building 
    • Guide organizational effectiveness
    • Lead performance management
    • Demonstrate sound problem solving/consistent judgment & decision making
    • Assure fiscal responsibility
    • Lead change and innovation
    • Engage and integrate stakeholder focus
    • Advance strategic thinking and planning
    • Demonstrate industry knowledge / regulatory compliance knowledge
    • Model core values


  • Minimum of 10 years of executive level and project management experience in organizations with at least $10 million annual operating budget
  • Ability to work with and guide a diverse group of highly skilled and motivated team members
  • Ability to act both in a supervisory capacity and as a direct, hands-on contributor and executor.
  • Demonstrated resourcefulness in setting priorities, increasing efficiency, and guiding investment in people and systems.
  • Demonstrated excellent strategic organizational, written, verbal, numerical and analytical skills; superb attention to detail.
  • Ability to plan, organize, and think strategically, creatively approach problem-solving, and remain flexible in a dynamic environment
  • Skilled and experienced facilitator, speaker, and writer
  • Master’s level education in public policy, public health, business, law or a related area preferred

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