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Job Title: Employment Consultant
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January 7th, 2018
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Position Overview:  The Employment Consultant develops relationships with individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD) and employers and works to create and ensure the long-term success of integrated employment arrangements.  Employment opportunities are crafted with both the aspirations and support needs of the participants, and the needs of the employer to ensure mutual compatibility and sustainability.  Employment Consultants must comply with all state and federal regulations regarding reporting, certification, and health and safety, and must maintain an active awareness of and willingness to advocate for the well being of all participants.

Job Qualifications

  • Experience working with people with IDD in a supporting role
  • Bachelor’s degree or minimum 4 years’ relevant experience
  • Must be adaptable and able to quickly and effectively develop and balance multiple relationships, and get results from a variety of people
  • Basic presentation and facilitation skills
  • Basic project and time management skills
  • Strong written communication and project/time management skills, including attention to detail
  • Strong initiative, drive for results, and self-assessment skills
  • Ability to work independently and as part of a team
  • Basic understanding of social media and familiarity with Microsoft Office
  • Must be comfortable engaging with people with IDD
  • Must be engaging and comfortable meeting new people and addressing sensitive issues
  • Must be comfortable with frequent local travel, use personal cell phone, and work evenings and weekends as necessary in order to accomplish job responsibilities
  • Access to an automobile with applicable insurance
  • Employment is contingent upon accreditation by governing state agency

Job Duties include, but are not limited to:


  • Develops relationships with parents, communities, schools, and other agencies to educate them about Best Buddies Jobs and identify potential participants
  • Develops and maintains relationships with government agencies to obtain participant referrals
  • Assesses employers’ needs and works with them to create positions that are valuable to their enterprise and in alignment with participant’s goals and support needs
  • Assumes full responsibility for a caseload of employed participants, including documenting all services and communications in participant case records
  • Provides job coaching, including performing initial task analysis, training participants on-the-job, visiting participants' job sites regularly, and providing follow-along services to employed and stabilized individuals
  • Stays in regular communication with employers/supervisors and advocates for participants' rights to equal treatment and pay from employers while also encouraging self-advocacy and maintaining positive employer-employee relations
  • Provides participants with travel training and/or assistance with transportation services
  • Makes sound decisions about participants' welfare on the job site, and follows all established health and safety guidelines to ensure the health and safety of  all participants
  • Maintains positive relationships with families, support coordinators, and referral sources
  • Conducts Individual Written Program Plan (IWPP) with participants and monitors progress toward stated benchmarks
  • Provides participants and their families assistance in dealing with social security issues, including explanation of work incentives such as Impairment Related Work Expense (I.R.W.E.) and Plan Achieve Self Support (P.A.S.S.)
  • Performs intakes for referred persons
  • Attends trainings as needed to maintain required certifications per state regulating agency

Marketing/Fund Development

  • Working with supervisor(s) on fundraising events as directed
  • Providing information regarding potential donors/supporters to supervisor(s) as appropriate
  • Works with State Director and/or supervisor to increase awareness of Best Buddies through local marketing, public speaking and media initiatives
  • Contributes content and images for updates to state website
  • Engages program participants in Best Buddies Day/Month activities


  • Completes required paperwork in a timely and organized manner, including but not limited to monthly folders, annual reviews, and all reports required by local funding agencies
  • Completes required case file documentation, prepares and presents monthly folders, ensures that all information is accurate and up to date, and files all documents appropriately
  • Collaborates with supervisor to ensure that all required billing is completed accurately and in a timely manner
  • Maintains an organized filing system for all relevant paperwork, including intake forms, and uses Kintera database effectively and appropriately to manage contacts

If you are interested in this job listing, please send a resume and cover letter to Rebekah McPheeters at rebekahmcpheeters@bestbuddies.org

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