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Massachusetts Women's Political Caucus, Inc.
Job Title: Executive Director
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Executive Director
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January 15th, 2018
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Position Title:     Executive Director of the Massachusetts Women’s Political Caucus, Inc.

Position Reports To: The Board President and the Board of Directors of Massachusetts Women’s Political Caucus, Inc.

Date:  January 2018

General Job Description: 

The Massachusetts Women’s Political Caucus, Inc., (“MWPC”) founded in 1971, is a statewide, nonprofit, nonpartisan organization committed to increasing the number of women elected to public office and appointed to public policy-making positions. With a surge in new membership, expansion of regional committees, i.e. Berkshires, and record number of candidate endorsements in 2017, MWPC is poised to experience rapid growth and increased influence in future years.

The MWPC seeks a smart, dynamic, entrepreneurial and experienced nonprofit leader who can take the organization to the next level in maximizing our potential for growth and expanding influence and reach.

The primary duties of the Executive Director are to: provide professional management for all MWPC operations and programs; provide a strategic vision for and execute fundraising plans; engage and communicate with elected officials, legislative leaders at the federal, state and local level, and serve as an articulate politically astute spokesperson for MWPC.

Our ideal candidate has a demonstrated success in and comfort with fundraising in the nonprofit sector, experience in operations management, strong supervisory skills and nonprofit board management, exceptional writing skills, and a demonstrated interest in women’s political participation.

Principal Responsibilities:


  • Create, initiate and present a vision of long and short-range fundraising plans with benchmarks for MWPC for approval by Board
  • Draft letters of inquiry, grant proposals, and fundraising pitches to institutional and corporate donors for sponsorships; provide fundraising recommendations to the Board President, Board Treasurer, and the Executive Committee
  • Cultivate and manage relationships with individual, institutional, and corporate donors; coordinate grant reporting requirements; and manage communications with donors with the help of the Executive Committee
  • Plan and implement fundraising events, including signature MWPC events, with the help of staff and in service of the MWPC membership
  • Oversee annual membership drive, year-end special appeal, and any others determined by the Executive Committee
  • Oversee the development of the annual budget, with support of the account and review by the Board Treasurer, including a submission to the Board of a proposed annual budget and monthly financial statements, which accurately reflect the financial condition of MWPC
  • Work with the accountant to track revenue, expenditures, and fund allocations

Board Governance

  • Responsible for communicating effectively with the MWPC Board, and providing, in timely and accurate manner, all information necessary for the Board to function properly and to make informed decision  
  • Collaborate with Board President to develop all Board Meeting and Annual Meeting Agendas, Reports, and Notifications
  • Work with Board Secretary to develop all Board Meeting Minutes


  • Develop membership recruitment and cultivation strategy, including a plan with benchmarks to develop, strengthen and maintain the MWPC membership network throughout the state
  • Oversee development and maintenance of member database, including tracking membership dues and engagement in events
  • Manage all communications to MWPC members, including developing an editorial calendar for the writing/editing/layout/review/distribution of monthly member e-newsletter
  • Plan and manage membership events in coordination with other staff, including special workshops, networking events, and other trainings


  • Supervise one full time staff and an accountant
  • Work with full time staff to coordinate all facets of the hiring/managing/mentoring of Fall/Spring interns
  • Supervise responses to phone calls, e-mails, and correspondence
  • Oversee day-to-day administration and maintenance of the office, including working with the Board President and the Board Treasurer to find room in the budget to hire IT or other contractors as needed


Media and Public Relations

  • Work with the Board President and the Executive Committee to develop a comprehensive media strategy/campaign to promote MWPC events and mission
  • Coordinate organizational response to inbound media inquiries with the Board President
  • Increase MWPC visibility in traditional and news media outlets, cultivating and maintaining media contacts across relevant print, television, radio and social media; and manage media database
  • Manage calendar announcements, press releases, media advisories for all events and/or political endorsements in a timely fashion
  • Oversee maintenance and timeliness of the website

Educational Programs

  • Oversee planning of educational events (such as Campaign Skills Training, Annual Meeting, Commonwealth Commentary breakfast series), including implementation of event timelines and budgets, invitations and follow-up
  • Staff educational events
  • With approval from the Executive Committee, work with coalition efforts (such as MassGAP, the Center for Women in Politics and Public Policy, Women of Color Coalition, others) to co-sponsor events, forums, open houses, debates, etc. to promote the Caucus, foster new membership opportunities, and increase female engagement in the political process
  • Work with appropriate coalitions to broaden MWPC’s base and strengthen the effort to recruit and collectively/educationally support women candidates
  • Oversee the production of all educational and resource material
  • Oversee the purchasing and marketing of any “sales” items
  • Advocate for issues pertinent to the MWPC as deemed appropriate by the Executive Committee (such as preparing testimony about specific bills at the State House)
  • Keep apprised of current events and news of interest to MWPC Board and membership

Political Action

  • Coordinate with MWPC Political Action Committee (“PAC”) Co-Chairs to support PAC initiatives regarding candidate endorsements
  • Work with Associate Director to coordinate PAC contributions, including financial and in-kind donations
  • Work with Associate Director on PAC board events, fundraising efforts, mailings to support PAC work
  • Work with Associate Director to recruit and train volunteers to work on campaigns

Organizational Duties/Committee Support

  • Assist Board with Strategic Planning
  • Staff and support needs of Ad Hoc Committees such a Nominating Committee, Young Professionals Group, By-Laws Committee and Regional Special Committees
  • Assist Ad Hoc Committees with planning and provide resources and documents
  • Coordinate with MWPC President and MWPC Board on any additional initiatives and programs
  • Communicating with MWPC Board Members and MWPC PAC Board Members
  • Assist in conflict management on staff or Board level
  • Coordinate communication among all MWPC staff to ensure timely and efficient operations


Please submit your resume to:  MWPCED@gmail.com  before 5:00 PM on Monday, January 15, 2018.  Thank you.


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