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The Champlin Foundation
Job Title: Executive Director
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Executive Director
Rhode Island
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February 28th, 2018
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About The champlin Foundation

Since 1932, The Champlin Foundation has awarded more than $550 million to fund capital projects for Rhode Island non-profit organizations. These investments have fostered better medical care, improved education, expanded access to social services, conservation of open spaces, and preservation of historic buildings, enrichment of the arts, advancement of animal welfare and more. Quietly and steadfastly, The Champlin Foundation helps those who do good do more – to the benefit of all.


Today, The Champlin Foundation has assets in excess of $400 million. For more information on the foundation, please visit http://www.champlinfoundation.org/

the opportunity

The Executive Director is responsible for providing leadership to the Foundation, and, with the Trustee, Chairman and Distribution Committee, is a steward for the effective utilization of the Foundation’s assets.  The Executive Director works closely with the Trustee to ensure that grants are made within the framework of mission-specific criteria and to maintain an organization that promotes transparency and efficiency.


As the leader of the Foundation, the Executive Director is the primary spokesperson and liaison for the Foundation and interfaces with numerous stakeholders including other funding partners, grant applicants, community leaders, regulators, and prior recipients of grants.  As a responsible member of the community, the Executive Director scans the needs across the state and brings a strategic perspective to better define the best use of grants within the framework of the mission. 


The Executive Director is accountable for engaging the Distribution Committee in the grant review and approval process and actively participates in all aspects of the grant process, including maintaining familiarity with key applicants and their organizations, site visits, and grant follow-up. In order to ensure the most effective use of resources, the Executive Director conducts formal reviews of current and prior grants.


Strategic Orientation

·     Develop supportive collaborations and partnerships in the communities the Foundation serves, keeping informed of challenges, progress, activities and emerging community issues

·     Prepare reports which summarize the trends and issues facing the community and potential grant applicants for review by the Distribution Committee

·     Build processes to test the results of the grant review and approval process to ensure continuous adherence to the Foundation’s mission

·     Assess and report on past grants and their impact on the community

Distribution Committee and Trustee Interface

·     Develop processes and programs to engage the Distribution Committee on an ongoing basis in fulfilling their roles of oversight and approval of grants

·     In conjunction with the Distribution Committee Chairperson, maintain the annual schedule for Distribution and Committee meetings

·     Serve as liaison between the Trustee and the Distribution Committee

·     Assist the Trustee in sourcing and appointing new Distribution Committee members

·     Provide the onboarding for new Distribution Committee members

·     Serve as the primary resource for Committees established by the Distribution Committee

·     Provide reports to the Trustee on organizational functioning and the status of the grant application and grant review and approval processes

·     Provide educational programs for the Distribution Committee that advance their knowledge pertaining to the organizations requesting grants

Administration and Management

·     Manage all functions and staff and coordinate activities among the staff, Distribution Committee, and the Trustee

·     Build an organizational structure and roles needed to meet the requirements of the grant application, grant review, and fund utilization processes

·     Monitor adherence to the Foundation’s administrative budget

·     Recruit and hire qualified staff for the Foundation; manage a talent program that includes annual performance reviews, compensation planning, and development of staff

Grant Process

·     Serve as the external face of the Foundation in the community with the goal of spreading awareness about the availability of funding and the ultimate goals of the Foundation

·     Prepare guidance to the Distribution Committee pertaining to the solicitation and approval of applications for the use of funds which may not be consistent with the Foundation’s mission

·     Encourage qualified applications from past, successful applicants as well as potential new applicants

·     Develop evaluation criteria for grant applications to ensure that the review process is both relevant and transparent; oversee and participate in the site visit process; guide the due diligence for grant requests

·     Evaluate the effectiveness of the grant review process

·     Present a list of grants for consideration and approval of the Distribution Committee

·     Establish programs to evaluate and monitor the use of funds by grant recipients and to monitor the progress of projects for which grants have been made

·     Authorize grant agreements on behalf of the Foundation

Communication and Reporting

·     Serve as the Foundation’s spokesperson and press liaison and represent the Foundation broadly in the community with external advisors, regulators, public agencies, other nonprofits, etc.

·     Prepare the annual report and oversee the required notifications to various stakeholders including the list of grants required by trust instruments, reports for the Division of Charitable Trusts of the Rhode Island Department of the Attorney General, and IRS related notifications

Financial Management

·     Ensure that the Foundation’s finances are responsibly managed, that strong controls are in place, and that financial reports and other documents are prepared in a timely and accurate manner

·     Manage the process to ensure federal and state tax returns, withholding taxes, property taxes, and payroll taxes are paid in a timely manner

·     Arrange for the annual audit and review findings with the Trustee

·     Oversee the preparation of the annual budget

·     Oversee controls and risk management processes

candidate profile

The Executive Director will possess the following professional and personal skills, attributes and competencies:


Personal and Leadership

·     Knowledge of effective Foundation and nonprofit organization leadership principles

·     Impactful public speaking and superior written communication skills

·     Demonstrates mission focused behavior in all activities and interactions with others

·     Builds networks and trust among all internal stakeholder groups (e.g., employees, Trustee, Distribution Committee)


·     Ability to assess the long term and changing needs of the defined service community and translate these needs into opportunities for grant requests

·     Application of methodologies to assess and summarize the impact of grants on the community

·     Knowledge of various channels and communication vehicles to promote the mission of the Champlin Foundation among current and potential stakeholders


·     Financial acumen pertaining to financials associated with organizations requesting funds

·     Extensive knowledge of 501(c)(3) organizations and regulatory environments

·     Demonstrated knowledge of the grant review strategies and evaluation criteria

·     Understanding of Foundation and Trust relationships



·     10+ years of management experience in a nonprofit leadership role, preferably in a grantmaking environment

·     Experience managing foundation grants

·     Proven track record working with Boards, Trustees, or grant approval committees

·     Knowledge of the Rhode Island nonprofit community preferred

·     A track record as an exceptional communicator who is at ease with media and other audiences

·     High level of interpersonal skills and experience establishing and managing relationships with a diverse stakeholder community

·     Demonstrated willingness and ability to serve in both a leadership role as well as a “doer” role in a lean organization

·     Bachelor’s degree required, advanced education and continuing education/certification a plus

compensation & benefits

Salary is competitive and commensurate with experience.


The Champlin Foundation has engaged Koya Leadership Partners to help in this hire. Please submit a compelling cover letter and resume to Erin Reedy here.

about koya leadership partners

Koya Leadership Partners is a national retained executive search and human capital consulting firm that works exclusively with nonprofits and social enterprises. We deliver measurable results, finding exceptionally talented people who truly fit the unique culture of our client organizations and ensuring that organizations have the resources and strategies to support them. For more information about Koya Leadership Partners, visit www.koyapartners.com.

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