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National & International Grantwriter

Good Hope, Inc.
Job Title: National & International Grantwriter
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June 1st, 2018
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Calvary Christian Church recently created a new non-profit called Good Hope, Inc. We would like to work with a grantwriter to help us prepare grants in these areas...

Local Food Pantry ( we currently server over 150 families a week)

Funding Wells in Africa (We have funded 5 wells in Africa )

Vision Care in Africa (In 2016 we provided on site eye care to hundreds of people in Dar de Salaam, Tanzania and also provided 1,200 reading classes )

ESL - We have several ESL classes throughout the year.

Prison Inmates - We are helping prison inmates and their families and would like to help more

Refugees - New program to help refugees in the local area.

Please pardon the appearance of our website. We are working on a redesign and getting our social media up to speed.


Please email Leighton O'Connor if you are interested in doing some work with us. leighton@blueswirls.com   Please let us know what your rates are and how you like to work.  Thank you!  (We are new at this and have never hired a grantwriter.) 

Thanks you!


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