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A New Vision For Comprehensive Capacity Building (A GEO special feature)

Do the nonprofits you support have what they need to thrive and produce results? The nonprofit sector has consistently struggled with retaining strong staff, fundraising effectively and achieving long-term sustainability. Now, more than ever, funders need to ensure that nonprofits are strong enough to provide sustainable support to our most vulnerable communities.


Making Philanthropy Count - Census 2020

Join us for a Funders' Committee for Civic Participation and Forum of Regional Associations of Grantmakers' co-hosted discussion with funders, and staff with organizations serving funders, about why philanthropy should care about the census and how the success or failure of this important civic project will impact grantmaking and the communities that continue to be at risk. We will explore philanthropy’s role in ensuring a fair and accurate census and points of entry and engagement at local and national levels.


Rising to the Occasion: Defending the Rights of Immigrants and Other Marginalized Communities Under the New Federal Landscape

Due to an overwhelming response, we have moved this program to The Boston Foundation (75 Arlington St, 10th Floor, Boston, MA 02116) to accommodate the number of attendees expected.

Funders' Briefing 1:30pm - 3:00pm
Strategy Discussion 3:30pm - 5:00pm


Connected, but Different: Empowering Giving Programs Across Geographies: Midwest Corporate Giving Webinar Series

Connected, but Different: Empowering Giving Programs Across Geographies

Whether your work is regional, national, or global, the structure and approach that you use to activate local giving can have a big impact on your effectiveness. Join us to hear from peers in the field that have broken through the place-based barrier to achieve cohesive giving strategies that still allow for local autonomy.

HOST: Council of Michigan Foundations


Triple Bottom Line Best Practices: Midwest Corporate Giving Webinar Series

Triple Bottom Line Best Practices

From corporate philanthropy to supply chains to employee engagement to sustainability initiatives, manycorporations are trying to figure out how to use all the tools available to them to enhance their impact. Join us to learn about how Midwest-based companies are trying to maximize their social, environmental, and financial returns. Hear from your corporate philanthropy peers about how they are contributing to these conversations and aligning their work to maximize the company’s triple bottom line.


Foundations and cities: adding purpose to urban development

Back in 1976, when Habitat I was held in Vancouver, most institutions, including governments and academia were unaware of the impact of urbanization on development. By the time of Habitat II in Istanbul 20 years later, it was clear that the massive migration to cities and their consequent growth needed to be addressed. Despite initial resistance, urbanization started to be seen as a driver for development. Another 20 years have passed.


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