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BRAIN-Arts Organization

General organization information
Formerly known as: 
Boston Hassle
Mission statement: 

Composed of 150-200 unpaid volunteers, BRAIN ARTS is a 501(c)(3) local volunteer-run music and arts nonprofit organization that aims to foster the independent music, art, and film community in the greater Boston area through meetings, events, and publications. 

In addition to The Boston Hassle website, BRAIN ARTS Organization also hosts Boston Hassle Shows, a bi-monthly flea market called The Black Market, as well as a monthly newspaper: The Boston Compass. We serve as a platform for emergining & boundary pushing local artists of all kinds. Exclusively volunteer-run, Boston Hassle is committed to lifting local independent & underground arts and music to the perceptual forefront. 

Our commitment to an inclusive grassroots community means we actively work to amplify the voices of an make our spaces comfortable and accessible for marginalized individuals in mainstream culture. We actively oppose all forms of discrimination; we keep our spaces free of oppression and discrimination by making people within our spaces accountable for their behavior. Recognizing the constant change in social politics and culture, it is our goal to continuously educate ourselves, our audience, and the artists we work with to help create and maintain these safer spaces. 

25 Creighton St #3
Boston, MA 02130
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63 Robeson St.
Main contact name: 
Sam Potrykus
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Nonprofit Organization
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