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Fearless Communications: Messaging Strategies to Effectively Tell Your Organization’s Story

November 19th, 2019
10:00AM to 12:00PM
Philanthropy Massachusetts, 133 Federal Street, Suite 802, Boston, MA
Consultant, Grantseeker, Nonprofit
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Consumers are inundated with marketing content from nonprofit organizations. With so many organizations fighting for their attention, consumers can feel overwhelmed. In order for organizations to capture the attention of their audiences, they need to craft effective messaging that speaks to the values of those they intend to reach.

In her participatory workshop Fearless Communications: Messaging Strategies to Effectively Tell Your Organization’s Story, Jackie Herskovitz Russell, founder and president of Teak Media + Communication, will assist attendees as they create compelling messaging to raise awareness about their missions and increase donations.

Newspaper reporters are quickly taught to answer the question “So what?” in the lead paragraph of their articles. It’s not just about what has happened that matters, but why what happened matters to multiple audiences. So what that a company gave $1 million to a charity? The donation alone is not nearly as important as how the money will be used and who will benefit from it.

It seems obvious, right? You’d be surprised how many corporations and nonprofits get this wrong in their communications and thus do not generate as much revenue as they could.

Russell will take attendees through the components that are at the foundation of memorable and effective messaging. She’ll explain the neuroscience behind how our brains receive and interpret stories and she’ll present storytelling models attendees can use when shaping their communications. She will offer real-world success stories about campaigns and initiatives from her own, and others’ professional experiences. Attendees will have time to work together to write and share their new stories based on the strategies presented during the workshop.

Russell will discuss the importance of unified messaging and how to use it for different audiences. Finally, she’ll provide tools and tactics organizations can use in effort to leverage traditional and social media to get corporate stories out to potential donors, partners, and the public. She’ll provide attendees with take home strategies for improving elevator pitches and for “selling” the organizational mission to multiple audiences.


Jackie Herskovitz Russell is the founder and president of Teak Media + Communication, New England’s sole Certified B Corp public relations firm. Founded in 1997, Teak empowers responsible companies and nonprofit organizations to achieve widespread recognition and increase their revenue.

As a former reporter for daily newspapers, Russell understood the power of the media and wanted to leverage it to help nonprofits and responsible businesses grow and continue their good work. Teak believes in the power of business as a force for good. Russell is convinced that businesses have both the power, and an obligation, to change the world for the better. By providing communication services that are based in the disciplines of traditional journalism and digital media, Teak helps important businesses grow.

Setting the pace for this progressive public relations firm, Russell accepts the promotional responsibilities of companies and organizations whose ethics and values are aligned with the Teak mission. Teak is best known for promoting large charitable organizations including Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, The Recycling Partnership, New England Aquarium, YMCAs of Greater Boston, and the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum, as well as responsible companies like Fidelity Bank, Global Research Innovation and Technology (GRIT), Rice Bran Technologies, and PwC.

Along with its B Corp affiliation, Teak Media is a member of the Investor Circle - Social Venture Network and is a founding member of the Boston Chapter of Conscious Capitalism.

The common thread that runs through all of Teak’s work is its ability to find and promote the stories that lie at the intersection of business and humanity. Russell holds a BA from Skidmore College, and an MAT from Boston University. She is an admitted media hound and considers her work to be a privilege and an honor.  

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