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Get on the Map!

Get on the Map!
And Get Even More Savvy about Your Grantmaking!

Imagine being able to see who is funding what and where—anywhere in our region, anytime, and with just a few clicks …

Access to accurate, up-to-date grantmaking data is critical to understanding the funding landscape and ensuring that your giving is as effective as it can be. And that’s what this campaign is all about!

The campaign to “Get on the Map” is a partnership between Philanthropy Massachusetts, the Candid (formerly Foundation Center) and the United Philanthropy Forum, and has as its mission:

To improve the quality, timeliness, and availability of rich grant data—for and about funders in our region.

Foundations and Corporate Givers, it all starts with YOU—sharing your current grants data.


Already eReporting? Thank you for participating! You may access the mapping tool here.  


“Whether it is answering the hard questions about the impact we are having or how we can better collaborate with other funders and members of the social sector, we need more information if we are to speak as a sector and collectively respond to specific issues. By sharing our grants data in Get on the Map campaign we will have up-to-date grantmaking data for our region, in an online tool that allows the data to be queried and explored in real time.”
  Denise Porche´, MSW,LICSW
  Executive Director, Island Foundation








If I share my data, what’s in it for me?

When you share your data, you’ll be making a powerful contribution to Foundation Maps, a highly interactive, searchable mapping platform from Foundation Center that will be accessible to all Philanthropy Massachusetts' members.

But, it’s all about participation. Only when our community of funders commits to sharing data will the Foundation Maps platform reach its full potential as a powerful source of accurate, up-to-date answers to questions like…

  1. Who else is funding a particular issue in our region?
  2. What organizations are tackling that issue?
  3. Who is working with specific populations in our community?
  4. Who may be natural collaborators?
  5. Where are there gaps in funding?
  6. How much money is collectively going to specific issues or areas in our region?
  7. What are strategies at play?

Just think…What could “anytime-access” to information like this mean for your work?

How do I submit grants data?

There are just two steps to submitting your grants data using the eGrant format.

  1. Export a complete list of your most recent grants in Excel.

Most grants management software platforms offer a pre-formatted export function that pulls the necessary data into an Excel file automatically. To find video instructions for your platform, click here.

If you don’t use one of the listed software systems, simply export a complete list of your most recently-awarded grants into our Excel template.

  1. Email your report to egrants@foundationcenter.org.

Which data fields do I need to provide?

The chart below outlines all of the fields included in the eReporting standard and highlights those that are required and most preferred.

As a thank you for sharing your data, you’ll also get access to a custom version of Foundation Maps that reflects your individual organization’s grantmaking activity. Once you see it, picture it populated with the data from hundreds of your fellow funders as well. Starting to see the possibilities?

Want to learn more before jumping in? 

Read the FAQs

There is a monthly webinar series scheduled to help guide any funders interested in getting on the map. They will walk through instructions for sharing all the necessary grants data to make your regional map come to life.




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