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Disabilities Funders Group

The Disabilities Funders Group started in 2013 as a working group and evolved into a formal affinity group at Philanthropy MA for three years. The goals of the Disabilities Funders Group were:

  1. to provide a forum for funders with similar interests and concern regarding the disabled community to learn about issues to inform their grantmaking strategies;
  2. to give voice to funders to share best practices, highlight programs and activities in the region addressing issues for the disabled community, and feature opportunities in addition to funding strategies (such as events, jobs, requests for proposals, etc.), and
  3. to give greater visibility among the regional philanthropic community to the issues important to this Group, inspiring greater support from funders on issues of inclusion, and possibly spurring collaborative and/or coordinated funder efforts to emerge.

Activities included:

  • A “Meet the Commissioners” panel in December 2013 (pictured above) with four state commissioners providing services to the disabled community.
  • A program on Workforce Development with Boston Education Funders, “An Update on Special Education Inclusion in Boston Public Schools”.
  • A meeting with the Disabilities Task Force 
  • Luncheons to connect funders with each other to discuss their initiatives and investments in strategies
  • An ongoing newsletter featuring profiles of programs, events and opportunities of interest to the Disabilities Funders Group

Past issues of the Disabilities Funders Group newsletter include guest blogs by Carole Parrish of the Butler Foundation, Jeff Harris of Jason’s Connection, links to resources and trends, and job and RFP listings.

The Affinity Group sunsetted in 2017. 

The Disabilities Funders Group was sponsored in part by the Ruderman Family Foundation and J.E. & Z.B. Butler Foundation.






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