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Nonprofits likely to reap rewards when donors see impact from gifts

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August 1st, 2016
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External News Article
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Crain's Detroit Business

Reports that the Ice Bucket Challenge helped fund the discovery of a gene that could lead to a treatment for ALS serve as a reminder that when it comes to charitable giving, a little progress can go a long way.

Millions of people who allowed buckets of icy water to be dumped on their heads two summers ago no doubt felt satisfied this week when they learned that the $100 million-plus raised from the challenge actually made a difference in the Lou Gehrig's disease struggle.

For advisers, news that the challenge — which critics once decried as silly or hokey — actually led to meaningful results, offers a lesson on the value of encouraging clients to direct at least a portion of their charitable dollars to organizations that provide donors with regular updates on how their money is benefitting their mission. Advisers who do that will likely find that clients are more appreciative of their advice and guidance.

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