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Share news about your grant making initiatives! AGM Grant Making Members are working on a variety of diverse causes including education, environment, healthcare and immigration (to name just a few). We want to promote your efforts and best practices. Help us spread your good works, event announcements and news items by emailing Gail Pinkham.
November 5th, 2015
Los Angeles art adviser and collector Elaine Gans was uncertain, at first, where to donate a large painting by San Francisco Bay Area artist Tom Holland. It was “one of his most important pieces,” Ms. Gans says. If she gave it to an art museum, the painting risked being put in storage and forgotten... More »
October 28th, 2015
Source: Philanthropy MA Blog
As funders we are always looking for results—we spend most of our time evaluating grants to see if they fit in the Request for Proposal framework but not enough time to assess what happened post grant award. For United Ways and maybe community foundations as well donors want to know—what is the... More »
October 26th, 2015
Source: Member News
The Nellie Mae Education Foundation has announced a five-year, $200 million initiative to reshape public education so that 80 percent of high school graduates are college- and career-ready. According to the foundation, by 2018 more than 60 percent of all jobs will require some level of... More »
October 26th, 2015
Nonprofit senior managers are engaged in an elaborate game of musical chairs, with 44 percent of C-suite positions filled during the past two years taken by members of other organizations. Internal promotions have resulted in just 29 percent of new hires, half the rate of the for-profit sector. More »
October 20th, 2015
Impact investing is one of the hottest topics in the philanthropic sector. It involves investments made with the intention of generating not just a financial return, but also a social or environmental impact — the double bottom line. Until just recently, some foundation directors with an interest... More »
October 13th, 2015
Source: Philanthropy MA Blog
One of the fundamentals of contemporary community development is that you have to build a community where people want to live – not just work, but live their life in a convenient, safe  and opportunity-filled way.  In 2010, the Knight Soul of the Community study investigated just why people move... More »
October 8th, 2015
One of the most common questions we get from philanthropic clients or philanthropists-to-be is, "What are others doing?" As a trusted advisor to many of the world's most prominent philanthropists, we are positioned to see what is happening globally. What we are finding is that this is a great age... More »
October 6th, 2015
Jeremy Beer is the author of The Philanthropic Revolution: An Alternative History of American Charity and president of the American Ideas Institute. More »


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