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Chief Operating Officer

TSNE Missionworks
Job Title: Chief Operating Officer
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Executive Director
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November 1st, 2019
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THE RESPONSIBILITIES Reporting to the CEO, the COO will be a partner and advisor to the CEO on all internal matters and capable of representing the organization externally with funders, media and external constituency groups to expand current revenue streams and build excitement for TSNE’s mission.

They will work in alignment and harmony with the CEO and will be responsible for effectively managing TSNE’s infrastructure, processes, human and financial resources.

By combining significant systems, organizational and project management credibility and expertise with a passion for TSNE’s mission, the COO will help the organization function smoothly and optimally. More specifically, the COO will:

1. Capably and consistently oversee the day-to-day operations of TSNE. As the central point of contact for the staff on the functional, mission and dayto-day professional services, real estate and property management and business development components of TSNE’s work, the COO will ensure the seamless integration of divisional activity around common goals and institutional aspirations. A drive to create an effective and smoothfunctioning organization for clients and staff will be a key trait of the COO. The role demands an acute facility with leading change, galvanizing and managing people, plans and achieving goals in a fluid and evolving environment. The COO will drive excellence while inspiring staff, and both display and inspire calm in managing a wide variety of day-to-day activities and ensure that the organization can adapt to unforeseen circumstances with grace and flexibility.

2. Effectively translate the vision of the organization and the CEO’s priorities into operational objectives and manage outcomes to measurable results. The COO will be an adept translator of vision into executable qualitative and quantitative plans and have the capacity to ably manage and drive both short and long-term goals, processes, controls and procedures. The COO will have a high level of comfort with P/L analysis, financial planning, budgeting and management, business analysis and evaluation, strategy, organizational systems and achieving business results. In concert with the CEO, the COO will ensure that targets are clear and that progress against goals and the strategic plan are measurable, readily available and consistently communicated to appropriate internal and external audiences.

3. Be a trusted advisor to the CEO. As a partner and right-hand of the CEO, the COO will quickly establish and consistently maintain a relationship of superlative trust, candor and respect with the CEO. The COO will have both facility and comfort with communicating sensitive and difficult information to the CEO and the courage to advise and respectfully disagree with the CEO when warranted. As a critical asset to the CEO, the COO will understand and demonstrate a continuity and solidarity around goals, positions and policy and engender the same collaborative and reciprocal support and clarity from the CEO.

4. Work collaboratively with the staff to help galvanize collective efforts of their work, minimize obstacles, advocate for resources and ensure clarity around common goals and long-term success. Inspiring and leading teamwork, collaboration, trust and learning across all functions and divisions, the COO will rally the TSNE community around mission, shared vision, values, aspirations and a sense of team that transcends workgroups and functions. The COO will have strong business acumen and will be astute at assessing organizational capacity and advocating for adequate resources that will enable the staff to meet and exceed expectations.

5. Anticipate, manage and solve problems deliberately and decisively so that TSNE is internally and externally successful. The COO will be proactive, planful and forward-looking and avoid inertia with process, programs and outcomes. While balancing multiple inputs and perspectives, the COO will be comfortable making decisions with varying degrees of information. In tandem with the CEO, staff and board, the COO will help the organization be deliberate in moving institutional objectives forward, managing TSNE’s financial resources, human capital and balancing mission-related and financial goals.


The ideal candidate is a seasoned and experienced leader with an established history of managing, coaching, leading and supporting a talented and diverse operational team, be comfortable in an inside-facing organizational role, and demonstrate a passion for TSNE’s mission. Superlative interpersonal, management, project management, business analysis and evaluation, operational, financial/budgeting and organizational planning skills and a commitment to the future success of TSNE are essential.

Knowledge of organizational systems and managing in a values and mission driven organization is highly valued; experience with real estate and property management would be a plus. Personal assets will include a collaborative spirit, high emotional intelligence, listening and communication skills and quiet confidence born of authentic ability.

Additional assets being sought in the new COO include:

 A high level of business acumen and the ability to balance the delivery of programs against the realities of a budget

 The ability to think strategically, anticipate future consequences and trends, and incorporate them into the organizational plan

 Strong quantitative, problem solving, project management, financial management, and planning skills; comfort with profit and loss statements and utilizing analysis, wisdom, experience, judgment and data to inform business decisions

 Relevant experience with a strong track record of achievement in managing complex, dynamic and multi-faceted environments and meeting goals

 An acutely developed ability to execute effectively, focus on details and manage organizational projects to completion

 Strong organizational skills and an orientation toward outcomes and metrics

 Significant facility with vision and execution and the ability to balance both

 Experience with professional services - ideally in connection with nonprofit organizations

 A demonstrated understanding of cultural competency, the value of diversity and equity in the workplace and the ability to work in a fast-paced, multicultural environment

 Demonstrated success as a leader of change management processes, including around the development and use of technology, knowledge and data management and administrative systems

 Commitment to the work of social and economic justice organizations and to other TSNE values including increasing diversity and inclusion, work-life balance, excellence in service and wise stewardship of resources

 A collaborative, inclusive, flexible management style coupled with ability to make difficult decisions

 A passion for TSNE’s mission

 An authentic persona that inspires trust, invites collaboration and engenders an environment of teamwork

 Commitment to participatory management and shared leadership practices and experience working as part of and leading highly collaborative teams delivering complex programs and services

 The ability to effectively scale and build organizational capacity

 Someone who is a graceful but an effective change agent who can implement improvements with minimal disruption and maximum buy-in

 Even temperament; someone who is fulfilled and content working at the operational level with minimal fanfare or accolades 


The COO reports to the CEO. Direct reports include the Director of Programs, Director of Learning and Evaluation, Marketing and Events Strategist and the Manager of Property Services.

Together with the CEO, the COO will play a key role in managing approximately 70 people at headquarters and over 400 people embedded at client organizations.


The CEO is based in TSNE’s office in the NonProfit Center in downtown Boston. Boston is home to many of America’s top nonprofit, academic, scientific and healthcare institutions, and to Fortune 500 companies including Staples, Athena Health, Dell EMC and GE.

To apply or suggest a prospective candidate, email TSNE@boardwalkconsulting.com or call John Sparrow or Patti Kish at 404-262-7392.

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