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Job Title: Lead Teacher I/T
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November 30th, 2017
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Make a positive career move while making a difference in a child’s future! Nurtury has been providing high quality child care and education to children and families throughout the city of Boston for over 130 years. Our goal is to ensure that existing staff and all new hires are better prepared to succeed in their job, contributing to the success of Nurtury' children.
Apply online at nurturyboston.org or email your resume to HR@nurturyboston.org with job title in subject line.
general summary:
The Infant/Toddler Lead Teacher is responsible for establishing a developmentally appropriate classroom following guidelines established by Accreditation Standards. The Infant/Toddler Lead Teacher will provide daily professional direction and the opportunity for professional growth to the Infant/Toddler Teaching Assistant and/or Teacher. The Infant/Toddler Lead Teacher will receive professional direction and work in harmony with the Program Director and other AECE program staff. As a member of an interdisciplinary team, he/she must be flexible and cooperate in coordinating a variety of support services in the classroom to children and to families according to need. The Infant/Toddler Lead Teacher must communicate with parents concerning the developmental process and needs of the child and be flexible in understanding the needs of a child-care program and its services intent for families.
essential functions:
1.      Ensure the health and safety of all children in the classroom at all times.
2.      Provide a developmentally appropriate classroom, including but not limited to:
a.      Design, set and maintain an effective learning environment.
b.      Maintain classroom for appropriate program implementation to include cleanliness and attractiveness of furniture and contents, monitoring need and quantity of equipment and supplies, keeping materials and equipment in good order and repair.
3.      Provide an individualized curriculum for each child ensuring a balanced day, including but not limited to:
a.      Develop weekly plans/curriculum in all areas of growth and development including socio-emotional, language, fine and gross motor and language.
b.      Assess and record each child's current development and records developmental changes, interests, etc. through the use of anecdotal records, assessment tools for the purpose of planning curriculum and sharing with parents.
c.       Keep appropriate attendance records and bring continued absences to the attention of the Program Director and/or social worker.
4.      Train and supervise Infant/Toddler Teaching Assistant and/or Teacher.
5.      Continue educational and professional growth through courses, workshops, conferences, in-service training, meetings, etc.
6.      Perform other duties as assigned.
knowledge, skills and abilities required to perform the essential functions:
Ø      DEEC LT certification and at least 2yrs of relevant experience.
Ø      Associates Degree in Early Childhood Education required, Bachelor’s Degree in Early Childhood Education preferred.
Apply online at nurturyboston.org or email your resume to HR@nurturyboston.org with job title in subject line.

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