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Market Demand and Landscape Analyst

Budget Buddies
Job Title: Market Demand and Landscape Analyst
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January 1st, 2020
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Budget Buddies is seeking a Boston-based Market Demand and Landscape Analyst to complete a 4-5 month project with the strong possibility of long term work with our organzation.

Full job description can be found here: http://www.budgetbuddies.org/organization/join-our-team/

About Budget Buddies: 

Budget Buddies empowers women and teen girls from low-income backgrounds through financial education. We partner with local social service agencies and bring to their clients a comprehensive financial literacy program which combines a series of dynamic workshops with one-to-one financial coaching.

Project Overview: 

As Budget Buddies continues to move ahead into Boston, it is crucial to examine the Boston landscape and where we fit. In order to do this, we must examine the following:

  • What other nonprofits are offering financial education programs in the City of Boston?
    • How does Budget Buddies differ from those programs?
  • What are the demographics (race, ethnicity, percent living below the poverty line, etc) of the community? 
  • What issues are women in poverty facing in this community? 
  • Where do low income women get the services they need?
    • Who are the big social service agencies in the area? 
      • Would these agencies be a good fit for a Budget Buddies program?
  • What barriers exist to getting people, both clients and volunteers, to our program?
  • What volunteer networks exist? 
  • How can Budget Buddies tap into these networks?
  • What funders exist that would be interested in Budget Buddies?
  • What is the local individual philanthropic landscape like in this community?
    • Will it bring in new individual donors?

      Project Timeline

      Month 1

      • Familiar with the Budget Buddies model
      • Identified list of stakeholders
      • First draft of survey & interview questions complete
      • Outreach plan for talking to stakeholders completed

      Month 2

      • Make contact with at least 5 stakeholders 
      • Interview OR distribute survey to at least 5 stakeholders
      • Insights into what volunteers are looking for
      • Explore the Boston fundraising landscape

      Month 3

      • Compile results from surveys and interviews
      • Begin drafting a report on the non profit landscape in Boston
      • Complete volunteer recruitment plan
      • Identify potential Boston funders (corporate, family foundation, and individual)

      Month 4

      • Deliver completed landscape analysis to BB staff


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