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Job Title: WISE Campus Advocate
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New Hampshire
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December 31st, 2018
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This is a WISE position that is co-located on the Dartmouth College campus. WISE is an independent non-profit organization dedicated to supporting people and communities impacted by gender-based violence. It is a unique collaboration and an innovative model of survivor-centered advocacy on college campuses. It is a wonderful opportunity to provide a strong platform for students, faculty, and staff to navigate the distinct on-campus and off-campus systems. The WISE Campus Advocate will support victims/survivors of domestic and sexual violence and stalking as a member of the WISE Crisis and Advocacy Team. This advocate will emphasize building the accessibility and organizational capacity to support student, staff and faculty survivors of all sexes, genders and identities at Dartmouth College.


Hours: Salary, exempt. FTE for this position is meant to be full time and is dependent on funding. Evening and weekend hours required. Reports to: This position reports to the Program Director at WISE, and is part of the Crisis and Advocacy Team (CAT). There will be regular meetings with the Advocate, Program Director, and Dartmouth Title IX Coordinator for coordination. Feedback from the Title IX Coordinator through the development of this role will be critical and can be directed to the WISE Program Director.

Job Responsibilities

Crisis and Advocacy Team:

  • Advocate with victims/survivors of domestic and sexual violence, victims/survivors of stalking, their family members and friends
  • Accompany survivors to meetings related to domestic and sexual violence including court/legal, hospital/medical providers, and law enforcement
  • Coordinate and facilitate support groups and opportunities for connection and community
  • Provide for back-up duties and responsibilities beyond WISE Program Center hours (8:30 am – 4:30 pm) as necessary
  • Maintain an active referral network with other professionals and agencies that assist victims/survivors (e.g., hospital, court, campus and police personnel), to promote comprehensive and quality assistance to victims/survivors
  • Maintain clear, accurate and timely documentation in accordance with WISE’s data collection and reporting requirements including campus specific reports
  • Attend community, Dartmouth, staff, CAT and/or Board meetings, trainings and/or conferences as requested by the Executive/Program Director
  • Participate in the strategic and annual planning processes of WISE
  • Perform other duties for the overall functioning of the organization and those duties as requested by the Executive/Program Director On Campus:
  • Coordinate a consistent and regular WISE presence at Dartmouth College and work to implement outreach strategies to create accessible support for victims/survivors
  • Provide support for victims including through campus reporting, accommodation, investigation, and disciplinary processes, and through off campus systems •
  • Participate with or accompany to campus related processes as requested
  • Participate as a part of the WISE team providing 24-hour support to victims/survivors in the Upper Valley, including the Dartmouth community
  • Seek out and attend professional development specific to local and national best practice and emerging research related to campus sexual assault and protocol
  • Remain current on federal and state legislation impacting campus sexual assault process and protocol
  • Provide regular staff development for WISE on the campus resources and processes in place for victims/survivors so that all advocates have capacity for responding and providing support
  • With direction from the WISE Program Director determine participation in meetings on campus along with other WISE staff Qualifications: • Bachelor’s degree in related field
  • Experience in the field of domestic or sexual violence survivor advocacy or prevention, and/or excellent knowledge of issues of domestic and sexual violence
  • Strong grounding in empowerment based advocacy and a feminist framework for understanding gender-based violence
  • Clear and calm judgment centered on survivors, discretion and competency for strategic and diplomatic collaboration
  • Preferred experience in higher education
  • Clear ability to multi-task and quickly switch from one project to another
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills, computer literate in at least Microsoft Suite and WWW
  • Ability to work independently on behalf of survivors and collaboratively with co-workers and colleagues
  • Reliable transportation, valid driver’s license, required minimum vehicle insurance coverage
  • Successful completion of the WISE Advocate Training Program within 3 months of hire WISE employees are expected to honor staff values and practice ethical communication.

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