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Skillbuilding Workshop: How to Position Your Nonprofit for Fundraising Success: The "5 Shifts" Model

Over the years, nonprofit leaders with the greatest fundraising success have employed 5 key “shifts” to get themselves and their organizations in a position to generate significant revenue. Drawing from experience and research, we will walk participants through these 5 shifts: plan more, lead the charge, invest more, commiserate and differentiate, and relate and cultivate.


Breakthrough Workshop: Building and Maximizing Your Major Donor Pipeline (3/22/2017)

Building and Maximizing Your Major Donor Pipeline

Building and managing a major donor pipeline is a deliberate and thoughtful process.  The session focuses on relationship science and rapport building techniques, tactical strategies to rapidly build your major donor pipeline, and tools to measure and manage donor relationships and progress toward giving.  This session will provide useful techniques, tools, and strategies that will help participants rapidly build a major donor program.


Introduction to Grant Writing: How to Craft a Foundation Grant Proposal (4/5/2017)

Drawing from his 14 years’ experience, Kenny Weill will lead attendees through the process of writing a clear, concise, and compelling foundation grant narrative. This includes both the longer “full proposal” narrative and the shorter concept paper or letter of inquiry. He will end with tips to avoid common pitfalls, and key components of a strong proposal.

Participants will have the tools necessary to tell their organization’s and program’s story in a narrative that will be compelling to funders.

This workshop will cover:


Core Workshop: Introduction to Donor Cultivation ... (2/28/2017)

Having regular and consistent donors making regular gifts to your organization - it's the dream of every nonprofit! Getting to that point takes thoughtful relationship-building, donor-centered education, and continual communication. In other words, it's a lot of work! In this workshop we'll explore the motivation, interests, and needs of a variety of donors, with tips on ways to invite them in, build philanthropy partnerships, and encourage them to give even more.




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