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Breakthrough Workshop: Advanced Proposal Writing ...

Workshop participants will have an in-depth review of the major building blocks of successful grant proposals. Special attention will be paid to case statements, preparing budgets, management plans, and evaluation. Pitfalls and best practices will be discussed, as well as what reviewers and funders are looking for. Ample time for challenging questions and hands-on experience will be included in the presentation.

Lisa Perry-Wood, Principal, Clarity Consulting Partners


Introduction to Grant Writing: How to Craft a Foundation Grant Proposal (2/15/2017)

Drawing from his 14 years’ experience, Kenny Weill will lead attendees through the process of writing a clear, concise, and compelling foundation grant narrative. This includes both the longer “full proposal” narrative and the shorter concept paper or letter of inquiry. He will end with tips to avoid common pitfalls, and key components of a strong proposal.

Participants will have the tools necessary to tell their organization’s and program’s story in a narrative that will be compelling to funders.

This workshop will cover:


Skillbuilding Workshop: What Makes You Unique? Developing Elevator Speeches and Organization Branding

The goal of this workshop is to develop skills in promoting your organization as its spokesperson to grantmakers and major donors through your ability to distinguish your organization from other similar requestors of funding.  The focus is on presenting your organization’s strengths, accomplishments, key metrics and uniqueness in a two minute elevator speech.

Intended participants:    Grant  Managers, CEOs, CFOs, Development Officers and Board Members  


Community Foundation Roundtable (01/24/2017)

As always, we will spend the first half of our time having a check in/update from all community foundation colleagues. The second half of our time with be spent discussing fundraising strategies. Please join us on a conference call to discuss your insights and lessons learned from Give Days, DAF cultivation, Co-funding efforts or other strategies your foundation recently or currently is employing. 

This roundtable will be a conference call.

Dial: 712-770-4010
Passcode: 280595



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