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With peoples’ protests mounting, why are philanthropists lagging behind on climate change?

People are taking to the streets on climate change around the globe, tired of inaction by public officials and risking arrest to intentionally cause disruption. It’s time to step back, bring out the wide angle lens, and aggressively pursue a paradigm shift to match peoples’ climate actions in the philanthropy sector.

Why more and more executive directors of color are leaving their positions, and what we need to do about it

So why are POC leaders leaving their ED jobs, and what can we do about it? There are several reasons, and it is important for us to understand them. There has been some important research done on this topic. The Race to Lead report by the Building Movement Project, for example, discovered that EDs/CEOs of color were more likely to experience leadership challenges like inadequate salary (49% POC leaders reported experiencing this problem vs.


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