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Funding for organizations that improve quality of life in Belmont

The role of the Belmont Savings Bank Foundation is to support not-for-profit groups, institutions, schools and other organizations as a way of adding to the quality of life for people living in the Belmont community.

Eligibility for Grants

  • Grants from the Foundation are generally awarded quarterly. Applications are due:
    • January 15th
    • April 15th
    • July 15th 
    • October 15th 
  • Awards are generally limited to the Belmont community.
  • Grant recipients must demonstrate Section 501(c)(3) or 501(c)(1) status and relevance to the Foundation’s mission.
  • The Foundation does not provide financial support for political organizations or candidates, activities for religious purposes, contributions to individual endeavors or scholarships.

When applying for grants from the Belmont Savings Bank Foundation, the following information must be included:

  • Organizational Summary (Mission, Goals, Objectives)
  • Specific purpose of funds requested
  • Need for the project/service in the community
  • Amount requested and overall project budget (when applicable)
  • Most recent audit report or financial statements
  • How the success of the use of funds will be evaluated/measured
  • Status of grant activity from other organizations including approvals, denials, and pending applications
  • Information on the organization’s Executive Director

Apply for a Grant

Please send the completed Grant Application and other required documentation to:

Belmont Savings Bank Foundation

Contact Belmont Savings Bank Foundation for more information.

Post date: Aug 7 2019 - 1:31pm
Deadline: Rolling Admission
Program Interest: Community and economic development, Community improvement

133 Federal Street, Suite 802 | Boston, MA 02110
Phone: 617.426.2606
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