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Humanities Discussion Grants

Discussion Grants are made for public humanities projects that center around moderated discussions—along with any other humanities-based project format.

Partly inspired by traditional Reading & Discussion series, a Discussion Grant project may be a series of events, such as a film-and-discussion series; it may be a one-time event that includes active reflecting and discussing; or it may be something different, such as the creation of an exhibit or walking tour along with a discussion. Rather than requiring reading, Discussion Grant projects allow for the exchange of thoughts, opinions, and ideas in response to almost any kind of text or event: films, talks, performances, tours, exhibits, lectures, and more.

Essentials for Applicants

Eligible Applicants

  • All nonprofit and government organizations that serve Massachusetts residents are eligible to apply.

Grant Amounts

  • Organizations may request a maximum of $3,000.
  • Organizations proposing projects that meet the Engaging New Audiences and/or the Negotiating the Social Contract incentives may request a maximum of $3,500.
  • Organizations must demonstrate a cash cost-share that equals or exceeds 10 percent of the MH funds requested, and the total cost-share (cash and in-kind) must equal or exceed the MH funds requested.


  • The Project Director organizes the project and completes online reporting.
  • The Project Treasurer keeps track of project income and expenses, pays bills, and is responsible for financial documentation. The Project Director and Project Treasurer must be unrelated individuals.
  • The Project Scholar has an advanced degree in a relevant humanities field, in-depth knowledge of the subject matter, and is prepared to moderate discussions.

Additional Requirements & Recommendations

  • Discussion Grant projects are generally completed within one year.
  • Mass Humanities has publicity requirements for all grant recipients.
  • Final reports and evaluations will include questions about volunteer contributions, so be sure to keep track. Grant recipients will receive forms and directions for reporting.
  • To get a sense of some of the specific projects we have supported, you may browse through the Past Grants Awarded section.

Full application can be found here. 

Post date: Apr 20 2018 - 3:43pm
Deadline: Rolling - applications reviewed three times each year
Program Interest: Humanities

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