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Mediation Programs for Ex-Offenders Supported

The JAMS Foundation/NAFCM Mini-Grant Program supports the development of innovative and effective programs that can be replicated by community mediation centers nationwide and serve as a pathway to their sustainability and growth. The 2019 Mini-Grant Program will focus on conflict related to employment, education, family, and community involvement for those who are recently released or scheduled to be released from the criminal justice system. Mini-Grants of $12,000 for two years will be awarded to five organizations across the country. Nonprofit organizations, educational institutions, and public agencies are eligible to apply. The deadline for Solicitation of Interest responses is April 2, 2019; invited full proposals will be due June 17, 2019. Visit the NAFCM website to learn more about the program. (There is a recommended bidders’ conference for applicants on March 19 at 4 pm ET. To obtain the link for the conference, and register to attend, please send a notice of interest to MiniGrant2019@nafcm.org.)

Post date: Mar 7 2019 - 10:24am
Deadline: Apr 2 2019
Program Interest: Other

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