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Support for Creative Placemaking Strategies in U.S. Communities

About this Focus Area

We must address the harm done to people with low incomes – historic trauma, systemic racial injustices and normalized acts of exclusion -- and with the disinvestment in the places they live. Only then can we recognize and deploy Creative Placemaking as a necessary dimension of strategies to create the conditions by which people thrive and communities are supported. 

Our goal with this focus area is invest in the pre-conditions for long term change such as resident empowerment and agency, social cohesion, narrative change and equitable physical improvements. 

Through this focus area, we work to:

Support organizations (arts and community development) and projects that;

  • Advance innovative and creative approaches to community development that lead to inclusionary practices and policies, and
  • Use creative strategies to foster resident’s agency, social cohesion and narrative change.

We seek to cluster organizations (arts, community development and other nonprofits) and Creative Placemaking activities into cohorts and initiatives. We focus where there is the greatest promise for this kind of sector-specific work – initiatives that create the greatest opportunity for deep cross-team work within the foundation and collaborative work across foundations; that have existing, mature support infrastructure; and that demonstrate particularly well-formed Creative Placemaking practices. 

We look for patterns and opportunities to better understand outcomes and impacts, and to build the capacity of our grantees to more directly engage in advancing field-critical needs ranging from policy to evidence base, and to fuller integration of racial equity and inclusion practices within community development.

Application Process

  • We periodically accept unsolicited applications in this focus area through FLUXX.  We also invite applications for special initiatives through a request for proposal process. When available, grant opportunities are listed on the Arts & Culture focus area pages and on the Current Grant Opportunities page.
  • First-time visitors will be required to create an account. In addition, FLUXX is configured to work optimally in Google Chrome browser, which should be installed before you access the portal.
  • Instructions for creating an account and for installing the Google Chrome browser are available in “FLUXX Portal Instructions and Helpful Tips” found in the Library section of this website. That document also is available once you enter the portal for easy reference.
  • To review an existing application, visit The Kresge Foundation FLUXX portal.

Funding Priorities

As we evaluate proposals, we look for efforts that:

  • Position arts, culture and community-engaged design as a central element of community development and planning.
  • Adopt an explicit equity lens that seeks to dismantle structural inequities. 
  • Empower residents with low incomes to advocate for and lead change in their community.
  • Take an asset-based approach when working in historically marginalized communities.
  • Promote models of distributed leadership and wealth.
  • Reinforce collaborations and equal partnerships across multiple sectors.
  • Advance just practices and principles in the Creative Placemaking field.
  • Create career pathways and learning opportunities for next gen Creative Placemaking leaders of color.     

(We are unlikely to support the types of efforts described in the "We Are Less Likely to Support" section of our program page. )


Organizations that align with the Funding Priorities above and meet the following eligibility criteria are strongly encouraged to apply.

Who should apply?

  • U.S. 501(c)(3) organizations with audited financial statements that are not classified as private foundations. Audits must be independently prepared following Generally Accepted Accounting Principles or Government Auditing Standards. Financial statements prepared on a cash, modified cash, compilation or review basis do not qualify.
  • Government entities in the United States.

Who should not apply?

  • Individuals.
  • Organizations that discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, gender, national origin, citizenship status, age, disability, sexual orientation or veteran status.
  • Organizations that require membership in certain religions or advance a particular religious faith. (Faith-based organizations may be eligible if they welcome and serve all members of the community regardless of religious belief.)
  • Programs operated to benefit for-profit organizations

If you have questions, please before applying send to: InquiryArts-Culture@kresge.org.

Applications due by January 31, 2020.
Post date: Nov 19 2019 - 2:03pm
Deadline: Jan 31 2020
Program Interest: Arts & culture

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